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About Metro Commercial Services

We are landlords ourselves and we founded Metro Commercial Services out of our own frustration trying to find reliable contractors and maintenance providers who also understand the budgetary constraints of landlords. After years of managing frustrating projects of our own, we built our own team to handle our work faster and on a larger scale, offering our services to other property owners and managers in the process. 

Servicing the greater Philadelphia area, our goal is to provide reliable and reasonable maintenance and renovations for landlords, property managers and commercial property owners. We understand the pain points of maintaining and renovating investment properties, and we welcome the opportunity to work with. you on your next project. 

Contact us today at 484-99-Metro!

Melissa Glozman, MBA - Owner

Melissa has almost 20 years of corporate management experience in both finance and operations, and is certified as a Black Belt in Six Sigma Process Improvement. She has developed a forward-thinking, successful commercial construction and maintenance firm with a focus on reliability and integrity. Melissa oversees the day-to-day operations and sets the strategic direction of Metro Commercial Services. Using her years of experience managing a successful family real estate company, she understands the market and ensures that Metro Commercial Services exceeds customers' expectations while maintaining unparalleled service. Metro Commercial Services is a certified EDWOSB.

Michael Glozman, VP of Business Development

Michael is a technology entrepreneur with nearly 20 years of IT experience. He began his career in software development, working with a number of major companies and dot-com start-ups. Michael grew a love of online marketing into a successful business, eventually selling it to a venture capital-backed company. Since the sale of his company, Michael took a passion for real estate and grew that into another successful business, owning and managing over 140 multi-family buildings and renovating two commercial buildings. Michael is responsible for the marketing and business development activities of Metro Commercial Services. Michael's industry knowledge and ability to understand client's needs makes him integral to the success of Metro Commercial Services.

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